About us

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants, whether to call as green gold, giant grass or woody grass it is one of the amazing raw materials to explore in various ways and means for all kinds of applications for day to day uses.

  • In India, there are 125 indigenous and 11 exotic species of Bamboo belonging to 23 generations and is the second largest bamboo reserves in the world.
  • Bamboo is available in 14 million hectares in India. 66% grows in the North Eastern States.
  • Annual harvest is 13.5 million metric tonnes.
  • Bamboo is the best renewable lumber on earth, can replace the construction lumber, thus helping the protection of forests and global warming.
  • Affordability: Of all the advantages of bamboo housing technology, the most important is its low cost that does not sacrifice quality, durability or space. Instead, it allows an option that is feasible for populations of scare resources.
  • Durability: With proper treatment, bamboo provides a service life of up to 30 years. Durability can be increased with careful choice of bamboo species, preservation, use of complementary construction materials and replacement of outdated or deteriorated parts on a regular basis.
  • Technology: It requires minimum technology. Most of the bamboo houses are based on existing local technology.
  • Aesthetic: Bamboo constructions are graceful and elegant. Bamboo has a tradition dating back years because of its beauty and luxurious ambiance.

7 Sister States

 The rich wonders of our seven sister states, which doesn’t only limit itself to its natural flora and fauna but is also a hub of a rich array of arts and crafts. Most tribes and communities across the seven north-eastern states have their distinctive bamboo and cane handicrafts products.

Bamboo and cane are integral to the culture of the region and in most villages hides talented artisans who create exceptional products that express the wholeness and simplicity of our lives in the form of intricate detailing. 7 sister crafts work with many such artisans and designers on a regular basis to manufacture beautiful products suited for home décor. Any product from 7 Sister Crafts will be a prized possession around the house for everyone who shares the same love towards all things that are simple, green, sustainable and beautiful.